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A Sierra recycling equipment repair

Repair and Maintenance Services

Our trained technicians are able to provide a full range of repair services for all types of recycling equipment including compactors and balers.  This is our area of expertise.  We know how the equipment works, we know what breaks and causes problems and we know how to fix it fast.  We provide solutions and service for any hydraulic, or electrical problem you might be experiencing.  We also provide mobile welding services to fix any mechanical problem that might crop up and have access to all the parts needed to keep your equipment and your business running smoothly


We can provide full service for hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic fluid lines. We also do maintenance work to check / replace hydraulic fluid levels and filters. 


We can provide all needed electrical work for connections to equipment and repair/ replacement of wiring and  electrical motors.  We also do all needed work in equipment electrical controls and interlock circuits. 

Parts and Supplies

WE carry a good selection of commonly used parts and supplies in stock so we can quickly respond to most problems. No matter how many parts you stock there will be (hopefully rare) cases where we need to get a part to finish a repair.  We have built good connections to the major manufacturers of equipment and local parts suppliers.  These connections mean we can quickly find whatever part we need and can get it delivered in the shortest possible time to get your equipment up and running.


We have a full set of mobile welding equipment to provide onsite repairs for broken or worn equipment.  We can also fabricate any mounts or other structures needed for new installations. 

Installation and Moving

We can provide full service installation service for equipment you may have purchased as well as services to allow you to move existing equipment you may have in service.